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The Jokey Group is a company in the plastics processing industry and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic packaging. The family company was founded in 1968 and has its headquarters in Wipperfürth, Germany.

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Jokey has stood for outstanding expertise in plastic injection molding since 1968. As a family company based in Wipperfürth, Germany, we are one of the world’s largest manufacturers, innovators and technology leaders in the field of rigid plastic packaging and have been a pioneer in sustainable packaging for more than 30 years. Customer proximity, innovative strength and dynamic growth have turned the initially small family business into an internationally active company in the plastics processing industry with two business areas.

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Jokey Group’s main plants are in Wipperfürth and Gummersbach. Other subsidiaries are each assigned to Jokey SE or Jokey Gummersbach SE – which is partly historical, for example due to the product range, partly due to the respective sales markets. The legal form of the subsidiaries is the respective local version of a GmbH or an AG. Jokey shareholders attach great importance to a solid financial policy and a healthy equity ratio. Some subsidiaries have external minority shareholdings. This applies, for example, to the plants in Algeria, Belarus, Russia and Turkey. Jokey thus continues to secure its existing technical expertise, market knowledge and customer contacts.

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Jokey Packaging

Jokey manufactures rigid plastic packaging for filling goods in the food and non-food sectors. These include food, animal feed, medical products, building or construction materials and chemical products. The product range includes round, oval or square buckets, tubs and trays. In addition to the standard range, we also develop individual packaging solutions with our customers and offer comprehensive design service. A range of accessories, such as lid spouts and pump stoppers, is also part of the range, as are closures made of plastic – for bottles, tubes and flexible packaging. In 2023 we also want to launch new reusable to-go products on the market. Packaging represents more than 90 percent of our business and is operated by us in European, North African and North American markets.

Jokey Spa

This division includes our bathroom range with a wide spectrum of mirror cabinets from the Jokey brand and mirrors from the Imagolux and KristallForm brands. Jokey mirror cabinets are made of plastic, wood and aluminum and, like the extensive range of mirrors, are available in many modern designs with well thought-out functionality. All of our bathroom products are developed, designed, manufactured and pre-assembled by Jokey Sohland. They can be found in almost every large German hardware store and are also sold via online shops.

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Jokey Group is majority owned by the Kemmerich founding family. Main companies are Jokey SE based in Wipperfürth and Jokey Gummersbach SE based in Gummersbach. Both have the legal form of a European stock corporation (SE). Shares of the two stock corporations are not publicly traded on a stock exchange and are 100 percent owned by the Kemmerich founding family and its descendants.

The Jokey SE management consists of a team of four. Jokey Group’s supreme management and control body is the three-person SE Board of Directors, which is made up of two members of the second and third generation owner families and one external expert. (as of 2021)

Jokey Board of Directors
Link and representation of interests

As a monistic SE, the supreme body of Jokey SE and Jokey Gummersbach SE is the SE Board of Directors. It is the link between the managing directors and shareholders and has a strategic control function. The Board of Directors sees itself as representing the interests of the owner families.

Composition of the Board of Directors

Herbert Kemmerich was Chairman of the Board of Directors throughout the reporting period. He is a founding partner and was CEO of the Jokey Group until the end of 2018. Deputy chairman was Ralf Kemmerich, who represents the founding family in the third generation. At the beginning of 2021, Ralf Kemmerich gave up his position as Chief Operating Officer (COO) and switched to the management of Jokey Holding. In mid-2022 there was a change in the composition of the Jokey Board of Directors: the current Chairman is Ralf Kemmerich, who had previously been Deputy Chairman. Anja Kemmerich, who joined the Board of Directors and left the management of Jokey France, Jokey Ibérica and Jokey UK at the same time, has taken over as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors. She also represents the founding family in the third generation. Herbert Kemmerich remains a member of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors continues to have an external member, Dr. Peter Köhler, who contributes his many years of international experience from various management positions, including at the Weidmüller Group.

This means that three members of the Jokey SE Board of Directors have been members of the Kemmerich family of shareholders since May 2022. They are now bringing their many years of experience from their work within the Jokey management board to further developing the Group’s strategic orientation . Content focus is also distributed according to the different professional profiles: Ralf Kemmerich, as a plastics technician and business economist, has his main focus in the field of technology. Anja Kemmerich focuses on finance. Based on his experience as a founding member and long-standing CEO, Herbert Kemmerich covers the key areas of customer contact, products and personnel. Through his work as CEO of Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG, Peter Köhler also has many years of experience in the areas of management, family businesses and international markets. His focus on the Jokey Board of Directors is on the topics of strategy, digitization and compliance. He also plays an important role as a sparring partner and mediator between the shareholders. Peter Köhler is a member of various supervisory boards; there are no conflicts of interest.

Members of the Board of Directors are elected at the respective Annual General Meeting. The term of office is three years. Re-election is possible. Criteria, such as many years of market expertise, specialist skills, expert knowledge and management experience in family businesses, are included in the nomination.

Members of the Board of Directors work and make decisions independently, based on the code of conduct (see p. 20) and defined Jokey values (see p. 15). In the composition of the highest management body at Jokey, particular importance is attached to skills in the areas of strategy, technology, digitization and leadership.

Members of the SE Board of Directors do not have any leading positions in committees or associations. This is done by the managing Jokey directors in the area of operative business.

Duties of the Jokey Board of Directors
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The Jokey Board of Directors determines the operational-strategic orientation of the Group of companies. It includes, among other things, investment and budget planning as well as compliance with various guidelines. At the quarterly meeting of the Board of Directors, Managing Directors inform the committee about all projects and developments and pass on their assessments and recommendations concerning respective processes. The Board of Directors makes the necessary decisions. When examining due diligence and other processes, the Board of Directors is supported by Jokey managing directors and controlling department, who also provide advice about risk management. Relevant stakeholders are involved in all important processes. Depending on the circumstances, a bilateral exchange takes place between stakeholders and the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors also determines the number of managing directors and appoints them in accordance with statutory provisions. Executive directors are obliged to follow the instructions of the Board of Directors. In particular, they must observe the rules of procedure and only carry out the transactions specified therein, in the articles of association or in a separate resolution of the Board of Directors with its consent. The Board of Directors is also responsible for concluding employment contracts with the managing directors.

Verwaltungsrat 2021: Dr. Peter Köhler, Herbert Kemmerich, Ralf Kemmerich
Board of Directors 2021:
Dr. Peter Köhler | Herbert Kemmerich | Ralf Kemmerich
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