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Our sustainability engagement
Achieving more together

As a family company, Jokey is and always has been geared towards the long term – with regard to solid and sustainable growth as well as the environment, people and society.

Being a role model as a family –
our values

Graphic for the presentation of the company values

We owe our good market position to a sustainable business strategy – characterized by values that the owning family represents both internally and externally. These are the cornerstones of current and future decisions.


Jokey is traditional and modern. Global player with regional roots. We reinvest our profits. Our high equity ratio gives us stability in volatile markets – and agility when it comes to innovation, quality, service and sustainability.

Appreciative honesty

We communicate openly, honestly and transparently. We see feedback as an incentive to becoming better. Through appreciative honesty, we open up new creative scope for our employees. We are a trusted partner to our customers, partners and stakeholders.

Ecological and social responsibility

As a family business, we take our responsibility towards people and nature very seriously: as a secure and crisis-proof employer. As a guarantee for a sustainable business policy. As a pioneer for sustainable packaging and co-designer of ecological balance.

Quality and competence

Our pursuit of quality and competence accompanies us every day and everywhere. It begins with simple things such as thoroughness and order and extends to continuously developing the professional and personal skills of employees, managers and shareholders.

Sustainability management at Jokey
Leadership with responsibility

“Our responsibility has grown with
our interna­tionality – it goes far beyond
manufacturing our products.”

Every day, our employees around the world ensure that the increasing supply to the market is secured and that the area of sustainability is continuously strengthened. They are all linked by a strong corporate culture and a common canon of values. Together with our customers and partners, we want to create values that open up secure future prospects for the environment and society across all borders in the long term.

Jokey management is responsible for sustainability issues, taking into account economic, ecological and social aspects. Managing directors derive operative measures from the overriding strategic direction specified by the Board of Directors and the shareholders’ meeting. These are broken down to the respective department and country level according to the top-down principle. At the same time, employees from all plants are involved in communicating their ideas, projects and actions according to the bottom-up principle, i.e. also from the bottom up to the management level. In this way, our teams exchange the knowledge they have acquired and their best-practice experiences across the Group. Jokey standards can then be developed from the knowledge gained.

In 2021 we set up the position of a sustainability officer at Jokey. He is responsible for further developing and implementing our sustainability goals throughout the Jokey Group. By bundling this in one place, we can support the implementation of our sustainability course even better, starting with implementing and continuously further developing our Jokey Eco Concept to analyzing the effects of our activities and products with regard to sustainable topics. Moreover, we are currently building a Group-wide network of local sustainability officers in order to implement our sustainability course in a concerted manner throughout the Group.

Implementing sustainability goals and fields of action in the social area is supported by employees from the Human Resources department.

Eine freundliche Jokey Mitarbeiterin prüft eine bedruckte Verpackung

Transformative partnership
with WWF Germany

WWF logo and Jokey logo - Committed to a circular economy for plastics

Jokey entered into a strategic and transformative partnership with WWF Germany in 2021. It aims to place sustainability at the center of all corporate activities even more than before and responsibly integrate it into all areas of the company. The areas of circular economy for plastics (focus on packaging), sustainable procurement and climate are tackled in content-related cooperation. In joint workshops, we put together work packages from which management has formulated concrete targets. We have set ourselves ambitious goals in all areas in order not only to use fewer resources, but also to deploy as many as possible in a recycling manner. One of these work packages aims to commit to the scientifically based 1.5 degree target as part of the Science-based Target Initiative (SBTi) as well as reduce our corporate carbon footprint systematically and consistently.

Interview vor Jokey-Wand
In the interview:
Laura Griestop from WWF Germany and CEO Jens Stadter
Gruppenbild mit Jokey-, WWF- und Nextra Consulting-Mitarbeitenden
Further development of the Jokey sustainability strategy
with WWF Germany and Nextra Consulting

Joining the UN Global Compact
and the associated commitments

We Support UN Global Compact Logo

In June 2021, Jokey joined the Global Compact Germany. Associated with this is the obligation to support the ten principles of the Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. At the same time, they should be integrated into the corporate strategy, corporate culture and day-to-day business. In addition, we declare our willingness to participate in collaborative projects that promote the general goals of the United Nations, in particular the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Drei Jokey-Mitarbeitende prüfen ein Werkzeug

Operational Excellence Program
(OpEx) 2025

Die acht Bereiche der Operational Excellence Route 2025

For continuing and consolidating sustainable development at all levels, Jokey has started the Operational Excellence Program (OpEx) 2025, among other things. In it, all department heads describe their goals up to 2025. In addition, the measures, activities and key performance indicators (KPIs) are outlined as a holistic road map.

In April 2022, we launched a strategy paper that offers our employees and relevant stakeholders an up-to-date overview of our sustainability course’s status and objectives. Based on the Jokey Eco Concept, it describes all fields of action that we plan to implement or have already put in place. It also contains the respective targets we have set ourselves at all levels in order to make both the recycling economy and climate targets a reality, measured against the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement by 2030. Of course, we continue to seek dialog and exchange with our stakeholders.

All stakeholders have the opportunity to express critical concerns, for example via compliance officers or ombudsmen. These can then be brought to the Board of Directors via several channels.

Jokey Compliance –
responsible and respectful

Compliance principles and policies

Based on our values, we create high ethical measure in our actions. This applies in respectful coexistence in all of our plants as well as in contact with our customers, partners, suppliers and stakeholders.

“Jokey acts according to the principles
of responsible and sustainable
corporate management.”

This includes, for example, the obligation to comply with the code of conduct (Codex of the General Association of Plastic Processing Industry, since 2012), with its global demands for ethical and moral action, as well as specifications of the right-wing and antitrust law behavior in all Jokey branches and production facilities. This includes promoting fair and sustainable standards in dealing with suppliers and customers along the entire value chain as well as dealing with our employees.

By 2023, we have set ourselves the goal of developing sustainable procurement management based on relevant standards and implementing them across the Group. In addition, with the works Jokey SE, Jokey Gummersbach SE, Jokey Poland Sp. and Jokey Praha CZ s.r.o., among others, certified according to SMETA-4-Pillar-Audit and Sedex (B-Membership). We are currently developing our own code of conduct, which will be introduced in 2023.

Trust in certifications
and standards

The aim is to create packaging that protects the filling from external influences safely and reliably and has the most possible sustainability. In addition to the product view, establishing a comprehensive conformity and specification management and its integration into corporate culture is also one of our goals. This is the only way to meet the steadily increasing requirements of customers and the legislator. Our management system’s further development has top priority.

Tabular presentation of the standards with and without certifications

for a sustainable value chain

Jokey products in circulation
Our products in circulation

Since the beginning, Jokey has felt it has a responsibility to keep improving the ecological profile of plastic packaging and sustainability along the entire value chain. This is reflected, among other things, in consistently further developing the Jokey Eco Concept. Through our participation in numerous initiatives, industry associations and committees, we use our expertise to actively promote relevant sustainability goals. These include, for example:

  • Using raw materials according to the minimum principle
  • Developing and closing material cycles
  • Further developing recyclable packaging designs
  • Processes for recovering used plastics
  • Protecting the environment from plastic waste

We are in continuous dialog with all relevant stakeholders. The aim is to make their interests transparent, counteract information deficits and assume joint responsibility towards the environment and nature in many initiatives through close cooperation.

We deal intensively with the
perspectives of our stakeholders in order to identify
ecological and social conflicts at an early
stage and counteract them.

At the same time, dialog helps us identify and avoid risks and conflicts at an early stage – together rather than alone.

Our compliance department monitors our business conduct and activities and informs our employees about the respective policies. The code of conduct and its guidelines are groundbreaking for all Jokey employees. Managing directors and local managers are responsible for implementation. The Board of Directors, as the highest decision-making body, is involved accordingly.

There were no incidents of non-compliance with laws and regulations for the 2021 reporting year.

Achieving more together –
the Jokey network

The Jokey network is diverse and broadly based. We maintain memberships and are committed to national and international initiatives as part of our climate and recycling economy sustainability goals.

We work together with well-known scientific institutes on important topics and thus base our development course in product design and resources.

Das Jokey-Netzwerk
The partners and initiatives listed are representative of our international, broad-based sustainability network.

Further engagement
by Jokey and employees

It is important to Jokey to promote the goals of the United Nations, in particular the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Ever since the company was founded, we have taken responsibility for the people who work for Jokey and the regions in which the locations are based. As set out in the Jokey funding guidelines, we support projects that help people, protect nature and the environment and promote local regions.

We examine and approve donation applications according to criteria that correspond to our corporate philosophy:

  • Donations from Jokey flow primarily into the respective region around a Jokey plant.
  • With our donations we want to achieve a visible effect, a purpose. We value a defined purpose and the altruistic use of the donations.

Jokey promotes the following areas in particular:

  • Culture, arts and education
  • Integrating disadvantaged groups of people (e.g. care for the elderly, soup kitchen, socially disadvantaged people, ecumenical initiative)
  • Health and sports
  • Environmental, nature and animal protection
  • Violence and addiction prevention
  • Homeland, history and customs
  • Natural disasters/extraordinary emergencies

Our donations go exclusively to charitable projects and institutions, registered associations, people in need or worthy individuals/organizations. We do not donate to political parties or political movements.

Bilder zum Jokey Nachhaltigkeitsengagement

Jokey Eco4Us –
our volunteer sustainability team

Since 2019, a small team of volunteers has set itself the task of taking a holistic view of sustainability issues such as environmental protection and resource conservation. Employees are constantly developing creative ideas on how sustainability can be implemented in all areas of our company. For example, they collect screw caps from beverage packages to finance polio vaccinations.

With the “Yellow Bag” introduced at all German Jokey locations, the team wants to promote recycling economy actively. Administration suggested changing the coffee machines from aluminum pads to coffee brewing machines with organic and fair trade coffee beans. Participating in the Jokey Global Clean-up Day and collecting rubbish at all Jokey locations can be traced to initiatives by our sustainability team, as well as the support of projects in nature and environmental protection: Here, for example, Jokey employees plant trees in orchards and clean nesting boxes.

Bilderreihe mit dem Jokey Nachhaltigkeitsteam
Portrait Michael Schmitz

Do you have any questions?
We will be happy to help you.

Michael Schmitz
Sustainability Manager