Gruppenbild mit den vier geschäftsführenden Jokey Direktoren

by Jens Stadter

Dear Readers,

Sustainability has been deeply anchored in Jokey’s corporate philosophy since the very beginning. As a medium-sized family company with 15 locations in 12 countries, Jokey has always had a special eye for the comprehensive responsibility that arises from this position. With regard to future generations as well as treating the environment, nature and people with care. For many years, the company has always understood how to reconcile ecology, economy and social issues – which is very well demonstrated by the Jokey Eco Concept, among other things.

The serious consequences of man-made climate change are becoming increasingly evident. We must therefore focus even more closely than before on the urgent issues of climate change, dwindling resources and biodiversity and face the sometimes critical discussion about plastic packaging. Against this background, we once again significantly increased our ambitions in the area of sustainability last year.

Transformation is the keyword for Jokey here. For orienting ourselves on this path of change, we need a clear compass that points us in the right direction. These features fulfill our vision and mission.

Graphic representation of vision and mission

The two statements describe our goal and the deeper meaning that motivates us for our actions. At the same time, they set the course for the coming years. Especially in difficult times, such as the global pandemic, supply bottlenecks and local flooding in the past year, our employees have increasingly shown how much the team spirit of the large Jokey Family is lived day by day. We continuously communicate our sustainability course in all areas of the company – because it is important to us to take everyone with us on the sometimes challenging path of change.

We would also like to have a strong partner and player at our side on the path to transformation. With WWF Germany, we have a realistic and implementation-oriented NGO that has been accompanying us in a transformative partnership during the upcoming change process since 2021, advising and expanding our horizons as an experienced sparring partner.

As a manufacturer, we face up to our responsibility and aim to operate within the planetary boundaries. Together with WWF and all our stakeholders, we are working to reduce the absolute consumption of resources and the overall amount of waste as well as close cycles. In addition, in cooperation with WWF, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement in the long term.

Furthermore, all of our sustainability goals are based on the 17 global goals for sustainable development of Agenda 2030, the future program adopted by the United Nations to promote its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report also shows which SDGs we are initially focusing on in step-by-step implementing our holistic sustainability strategy.

The heart of our sustainability course until 2030 is our Jokey Eco Concept, which started in 2017. It contains our entire sustainability program and comprises 10 fields of action that are continuously expanded. In the meantime, it is available as Jokey Eco Concept 3.0 in the third generation. In it we describe incrementally how we adapt our products to the requirements of recycling economy through continuous development.

With our commitment and careful use of resources, we are already making an active contribution to climate protection. You are cordially invited to use this report to find out more about our sustainability activities.

Jens Stadter, CEO Jokey Group,
and the managing directors

Vier Einzelportraits der geschäftsführenden Jokey Direktoren
Portrait Michael Schmitz

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Michael Schmitz
Sustainability Manager