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Climate and energy
Our way to a climate-friendly future

Climate-friendly transformation
From procurement to recycling

Man-made climate change is progressing noticeably. Since the beginning of industrialization, the earth has warmed by more than 1°C (+1.2°C in 2022). There is scientific agreement that a limit of 1.5°C is absolutely necessary in order to avert the most serious consequences. The world community followed the scientific recommendations in 2015 and enshrined this goal in the Paris Climate Agreement. Because if everything continues as before, so-called business-as-usual scenarios will show dramatic consequences for the environment and humanity. In such a scenario, the plastics industry alone would be responsible for almost one-fifth (19 percent) of the entire CO2 budget available in a Paris-compatible world by 2040 (see Mainreport »Breaking Ute Plastic Wave«). The majority of the emissions do not occur in the process step of plastics processing, but in the upstream and downstream value chain.

Nevertheless, all players in the value chain, including us as a manufacturer of plastic packaging, have a responsibility to promote the transformation to climate-friendly procurement, production and recycling of our products. Because if we follow the current development paths, both global warming and its dramatic effects on living conditions as well as the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events will become drastic. At our Oberberg locations, for example, in the summer of 2021 we experienced how quickly an extreme weather event can affect our own region and our own production facilities, with serious consequences.

Due to its technical advantages, plastic packaging in particular enables great potential for CO2 emission savings and for conserving resources if they are kept in the material cycle for as long as possible.

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What we have planned
Insight and outlook

We also use the SDGs as a basis for our targets in the area of climate and environmental protection. SDG 13 plays a central role.

In addition, the Jokey Eco Concept includes specific goals for protecting the climate and environment, which are primarily depicted within the first three fields of action, the Eco Strategy. Jokey wants to make its contribution to a 1.5°C compatible future and is aiming for a medium-term reduction of all GHG emissions along a Paris-compatible 1.5°C path validated by the SBTi. As part of our commitment to the Global Compact, we support the principles on the subject of environment and climate as well as with our set goals in the area of recycling economy and supply chain.

With regard to our energy policy, four guidelines also form the framework for our actions:

  • Saving and efficiently using energy in all areas of the company
  • Using and procuring innovative and energy-efficient technologies including own energy production with renewable energy sources
  • Promoting emission-conscious action by our employees, suppliers and business partners
  • Increasing use of green electricity and expanding self-generated renewable energies
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Our measures
and projects

Das Jokey Eco Concept listet neben den oben genannten Zielen im Bereich Klima- und Umweltschutz auch konkrete Maßnahmen auf, insbesondere in den Eco-Strategy-Handlungsfeldern Eco Company und CO2-Balance. Dabei sind viele eng mit den Bereichen Kreislaufwirtschaft, Lieferkette und Energiemanagement verbunden.

1,5° C target

From our science-based 1.5°C-compatible climate target by 2030, we derive the transformation path and effective measures to continuously reduce emissions.

Focus is on substituting primary raw materials with secondary raw materials and the most holistic recycling of materials and processes possible. Of course, this includes all measures that significantly reduce our energy consumption or replace the existing energy use with our own renewable energy sources.

Energy efficiency in production and building technology

We are continuously improving energy efficiency in all our plants, for example through fully automated high-bay warehouses or generating energy from machine waste heat.

Improving energy management

In this area, we continuously involve all employees, suppliers and business partners, consider the emission intensity in our purchasing decisions as an evaluation criterion and provide the information and resources required to achieve our goals.

Implementing standards

We are working on implementing energy management systems according to ISO 50001 and sustainability systems according to ISO 14001 in all Jokey plants in order to firmly anchor the measures. This helps us achieve our energy management targets and meet our obligations. A review takes place at regular intervals.

Renewable energies

We are constantly increasing their share, relying on expanding our own photo voltaic capacities as well as developing and using other renewable energies.

Conserving resources

We use valuable resources sparingly and avoid environmental pollution and energy waste. This is how we know and optimize the energy consumption of our energy-relevant systems, processes and building areas.

Planning ahead,
acting responsibly

All processes and planning in the area of impact management are analyzed and controlled by Group Controlling. Organization charts of each individual plant determine the business distribution and task plans. Coordination takes place in regular meetings such as management committee meetings, Group operations meetings or sales meetings. The entire area of climate and environmental protection is overseen by our sustainability and energy management officers.

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Competent and committed employees: guarantors for a continuous optimization process

Energy and emissions
Facts and figures

Graphical comparison of emissions in 2020 and 2021
Tabular comparison of energy consumption in 2020 and 2021
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